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Online Payments Only Effective May 1, 2024

Dear Valued Residents,

Maplewood Park Apartments will begin phasing out physical rent checks and money orders to the office. What does this mean for you? No rent payments will be accepted at the Office in the forms of CHECK, MONEY ORDER or CASHIER CHECK. Cash is still not accepted at the Office.

Effective May 01, 2024: Maplewood Park will only accept electronic rent payments. You will no longer be dropping your rent at the Office in person or in the night drop box.

Any money orders or cashier checks or personal checks that are dropped at the Office on and after this date will be RETURNED to the Resident, so please make sure you comply to avoid any Late Rent and Late Fees.   

Many Residents already pay electronically with either electronic check (ACH), debit/credit, or with EMoney (electronic money order) at an Authorized Payment location such as Walmart or Kroger or other. We will provide you with a list of all Authorized Payment Locations so that you, too, can begin paying electronically, as required by May 01, 2024.  We will also provide you with a Payment Coupon that lists your Account Number, if you choose to pay at an Authorized Payment location such as Walmart or Kroger. The cost to pay with ACH through your portal is FREE! EMoney at an Authorized Payment Location: the fee is about the same as purchasing a paper money order.

Below is a printable form to enter the contest and to provide us with the requested information regarding your registration for the Online Resident Portal. If you do not already have one. This portal will be how you pay by: Electronic check, debit/credit. We will email you the “HOW TO” instructions for the portal. It is super easy to use!!


Please complete the following information on the backside of this notice and return to the drop box by no later than March 15, 2024. NOTE: you may begin paying electronically BEFORE May 1,2024- you do not have to wait!!

Online Payment Registration and Early Bird Contest Drawing

Thank you!

Property Manager

EARLY BIRD CONTEST!!! Return this form EARLY, by March 15, 2024 and begin paying electronically BEFORE May 1, 2024, to go into a random drawing to win one of the following: WAWA/AMAZON/VISA Gift Cards!! (Multiple prizes to be awarded)!

Everyone who pays electronically in the months of March and April will be entered! Even if you are already paying electronically, you will be included!

PLEASE CHECK one of the below and return to the Office by: March 15, 2024


_______ I have registered an account in the online website Resident Portal so I have access to begin paying Rent electronically, effective May 1, 2024.

 _______ Please provide me with a Payment Coupon so I may pay at an Authorized Payment location.

 _______ BOTH OPTIONS above. I am registering for a Resident Online Payment account on the website AND be provided with a Payment Coupon so that I may have the option to pay at an Authorized Payment Location.

Building #: _______________________ Apartment #: _________________

Lease Signer Name: _______________________________________    

Email: ___________________________________________________________   

Phone: ______________________________________________

Lease Signer Name: _______________________________________    

 Email: ______________________________________________________________   

 Phone: ______________________________________________

 Lease Signer Name: _______________________________________    

 Email: ______________________________________________________________   

 Phone: ______________________________________________


Maplewood Park  PAYMENT POLICY